Message From President

NRNA Thailand President
Dear friends
I am delighted to have this golden opportunity to serve the NRNA, the Nepali diaspora, and Nepali society at large as the elected president of the Non-Resident Nepali Association, Thailand (NRNA NCC Thailand) for 2021-2023. I on behalf of the entire new NRNA Thailand team take this opportunity to thank the delegates and participants of our global conference and International General Assembly of the NRNA as well as all those who helped and contributed to organizing that event. The conference has put up a challenge before us and I have accepted the challenge of steering the NRN movement during the next two years.

United by the common urge to see our beloved motherland a proud and prosperous member of the international community and driven by the motto of “For Nepali by Nepali” there is no alternative to be united and working together for our common goal. We the NRNs have a unique advantage. We can be a link between the place of our origin as well as our destination. We can and need to contribute to the welfare of the land we came from and the society which has accepted us and given us the pathway to living and contributing to the wellbeing of humanity.
Nepal is in a crucial phase of its socio-economic transformation. The NRN community has a very important role in shaping our future. It is not merely doing odd philanthropic projects and responding to the natural calamities, but supporting the national desire to prosper through the use of our resources, be it financial (monetary) or be it technical ( skill, knowledge, and linkages).

The amount of interest Nepali society has in our movement adds to the challenges and makes it imperative that we have to be united and contribute.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank our past presidents and leaders who brought our movement to this stage. We will be continuing with our past initiatives and starting a few new ones.  I call on all NRN friends to forget the bitterness of winning and the loss of the election.  We are here to contribute. There will be ample opportunity and space for everybody to work in our common interests. I would like to conclude with the wise words of Henry Ford who established one of the most successful automobile company “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress and working together is success”.
Let us work together to make Nepal and the entire globe a better place to live for the entire humanity.

Bhabindra Basnet