The Non-Resident Nepali Association Hong Kong (NRNAHK) is an association of Nepalese living in Hong Kong   irrespective of their race and religion. NRNAHK was instituted in 2004 as a country branch of NRNA and one of the 55 other branches spread all over the world. NRNAHK represents the interest, concern and commitment of all the Nepalese in Hong Kong, In addition encourages involvement and motivate Nepalese towards economic and social development of Nepal.

The NRNA was established   following the first Non- Resident Nepali Conference on 11-14 October 2003 - The assembled delegates decided to join hands together to create a common institution of Nepalese residing outside Nepal. Where in for practical purposes Nepalese citizens living outside of the SAARC member countries are considered NRNs and come under NRNA.

NRNA is a global network of Nepalese associations committed to streamline their energy and resources for the transformation of Nepalese society. From the nationality perspective both Nepali and foreign nationals of Nepalese origin are regarded as NRNS.


Mission: "For Nepali by Nepali"



  • Protection and promotion foresights   interests of Nepalese  residing outside Nepal;

  • Coordination between  Nepalese communities and organizations to establish global network among Nepalese;

  • Mobilization of knowledge, skill, capital and other resources of Non-Resident Nepalese for the socio-economic development of Nepal in cooperation with government and society of Nepal;

  • Promotion of Nepali and  Nepali culture abroad;

  • Facilitation of the foreign investment in Nepal.


  • Organize regional and global seminars ,conferences, meetings for members;

  • Facilitate strong network among the NRNs worldwide Liaise with the National Coordination Council, Nepali associations abroad, government and international organizations;

  • Lobby for enforcement of  NRN friendly laws/procedures and rules;

  • Acts as a forum for the promotion and protection of the interests of the NRN community both in Nepal and abroad. Support activities involving empowerment of Nepalese to live dignified life aboard.